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Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out to me at erin@hartleylaneinteriors.com if you can’t find the answer to your question!


I would describe my design style as modern-bohemian mixed with mid-century modern. I also like to weave in vintage/antique accents to offer a unique and nostalgic flair.
A mood board is an electronic “white board” with items I have sourced that either provide you several options for a particular piece (such as dining tables, rugs or nightstands) or can be a full design for a room giving you the visual aspect of a complete design, including color palette, accents such as décor, etc.
As a member of the trade, I have access to designer-only accounts that offer high quality pieces that are not sold to the general public or found in a retail store. I can also order samples of upholstery, wood, paint swatches, etc for you.
The Detroit metropolitan area is where I reside, so I generally work with clients within a 30 mile radius of Canton, MI. I am open to further, if the project makes sense.
I would travel up to 1 hour from my residence for a project, at this time.
Yes! I offer e-design services which would include me providing you the design mood board and you would handle all logistics, if you chose to order any pieces from the design. This means there wouldn’t be any in-home consultation, so the measurements, space planning, ordering, etc would be on the client’s end.
Step 1: Initial Design Consultation Call: During this 45-minute call, we will discuss your plans for the space(s), scope of the project, initial budget, my pricing structure, and means of communication.  
Step 2: On-Site Visit/Service Agreement: We will schedule time for me to come out to your space for up to 2 hours to walk the project space, discuss more in-depth details of the room(s), answer questions you may have, and discuss our priorities and next steps. Before my visit, a service agreement is sent to your email to review the terms of my services. Once signed, we are in business!  
Step 3: Design Begins: Based on our conversations, I begin the design by focusing on the priority room and the pieces that need to be ordered first and/or the contractors that will need to be scheduled. I begin sourcing product/services and coordinate any estimates/quotes for you. I will send you mood boards with various items for the design and solicit your feedback as we work through the elements of the room design.  
Step 4: Purchasing: Once you agree to an item to purchase, I handle the ordering. I order the item and then invoice you for the item plus the 20% commission, tax and shipping/delivery if applicable. The item(s) are delivered straight to your door. I keep you informed of delivery estimates, as well as handle any customer service issues. I also manage the project from start to finish if a renovation is involved, therefore I do charge a 10% project management fee on each contractor service.  
Step 5: In-Home Visit/Project Progress Update: We will schedule time for me to stop over to your home to review the progress of any renovations and/or see the items that have been delivered and how they are working in the space. Furniture building, unless otherwise purchased as “white glove delivery” through the vendor, is the responsibility of the client. During these visits, we will revisit our budget, discuss timeline, and determine next steps.  
Step 6: Project Completion/Photoshoot: Once the project is complete, all vendors have been paid, and any outstanding invoices from me have been paid in full, we will schedule a photographer to capture the beauty of the design! This, of course, is free of charge.  
Step 7: Review: I will ask you for a Facebook and/or Google review! Reviews are very important for small businesses and your input is valuable.
Please use the “Get in Touch” contact form on my website to email me or you can purchase a package directly from my website on the Services page and I will reach out to you!
Before contacting me, it is best to decide the scope of your project, initial budget, timeline, and any other factors that would be important for me to know as we work through your project.
No questions are off limits! If you are curious about something related to this process or your design, please ask so we can ensure we are on the same page.
I kindly ask that you take photos of the space from multiple angles (and in ample lighting), take measurements of the length, width and height of the space(s) and email this to me before our call.
No- Though I have trusted partners I work with, they are not contracted through me and I am happy to manage projects through your preferred vendors.
Yes, I am happy to manage the entire project from design through the renovation stages.
Though my primary focus is on full room designs, I am also able to provide my advice on room layout, flow and function of a space, if needed.
I procure all items needed for the design, with the exception of materials for renovations. I then invoice you for the items plus my 20% designer commission plus tax, shipping and delivery if applicable. This allows me to manage the orders, locate the receipts quickly, and have a handle on issues when/if they arise. Payments can be made online via Stripe within Design Files (my system) or Business Venmo for a small fee (1.9-2.9%), or ACH bank transferred free of charge (I absorb the fee). I also accept cash or check made out to my business.
Yes, I do send a service agreement prior to the first in-home visit to ensure we are in agreement with the terms of our business relationship.
In the state of Michigan, interior designers do not have the requirement to have a certification or license to practice. I am self-taught designer and my bachelor’s degree is in Business/Human Resources Management from University of Michigan- Dearborn.
I charge hourly for my time sourcing, managing the product ordering, invoicing, scheduling deliveries, and creating the overall design. This rate is currently $99/hour. In addition, each item purchased for the design is a 20% commission. Lastly, if contractors are used in the project electrical, plumbing, painters, masonry, flooring, etc) it is a 10% project management fee for each service performed.
I can provide a sample budget that provides insight into mid-range to high-end pricing for a realistic preview of investment.
No, however, if you choose to make the purchases yourself you will be required to forward all receipts to me via email on the day of purchase and will be responsible for managing any returns, product or delivery issues, and scheduling.